Man pages for flr/FLSAM
FLSAM, an Implementation of the State-Space Assessment Model for FLR

accessorsAccessor functions for FLSAM
AICAkaike's information criterion for FLSAM
cor.plotFLSAM sam variable correlation plot
dataNorth Sea Autumn Spawning Herring Stock Assessment
dropDrop an element from an FLSAM.control object
FLSAMFLR Wrapper for the State-space assessment model (FLSAM)
FLSAM.outCreate FLSAM formatted output file
FLSAMsClass '"FLSAMs"'
looiRun a sequence of assessments leaving one fleet (non-catch)...
lr.testPerform a log-ratio test for all models specified
monteCarloStockGenerate new starting conditions of numbers and f-at-age.
obscv.plotCreate diagnostic observation variance v.s. CV plot.
obsvar.plotCreate diagnostic observation variance plot.
otolithVisualise uncertainity in the terminal Fbar and SSB
parameter.accesorsParameter accessor functions for FLSAM
procerr.plotProduce diagnostics on process error in the SAM Model
residual.diagnosticsFLSAM assessment diagnostics
retroRetrospective stock assessment for FLSAM
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