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forvision is an R package for forecasting accuracy evaluation and visualization


You can install the development version of the forvision package (containing the latest improvements and bug fixes) from github:

devtools::install_github("forvis/forvision", build_vignettes = TRUE)


To cite the Forvision project in publication, please use:

Sai, C., Davydenko, A., & Shcherbakov, M. (November 23-24, 2018). Data schemas for forecasting (with examples in R). Seventh International Conference on System Modelling & Advancement on Research Trends (pp. 145-149). Moradabad, India.

Sai, C., Davydenko, A., & Shcherbakov, M. (date). The Forvision Project. Retrieved from

Sai, C., Davydenko, A., & Shcherbakov, M. (date). The Forvision package. Retrieved from

Problems and Issues

Please report any issues you may encounter in our issues page on github .


For more information, documentation and examples of use, please see the Forvision project at the Forvision project and the forvision website at forvision

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