Man pages for forvis/forvision
Tools for forecast visualisation and evaluation

calculateAvgRelMAEAvgRelMAE accuracy tables and plots
calculateCoverageCoverage probability evaluation
calculateMAEMAE accuracy tables and plots
calculateMAPEMAPE accuracy tables and plots
calculateMASEMASE accuracy tables and plots
calculateMdAPEMdAPE accuracy tables and plots
calculateRMSERMSE accuracy tables and plots
calculateSMAPESMAPE accuracy tables and plots
createAFTSCreate a dataframe formatted using the Actual and Forecast...
example1_fcExample Dataset Formatted Using Forecast Table Schema (FTS)
example1_tsExample Dataset Formatted Using Time Series Table Schema...
forvision'forvision' package
m3_monthly_fcMonthly forecasts from the M3-competition (FTS)
m3_monthly_fc_pisMonthly forecasts containing prediction intervals calculated...
m3_monthly_tsMonthly actuals from the M3-competition (TSTS)
m3_other_fcOther forecasts from the M3-competition (FTS)
m3_other_fc_pisOther forecasts containing prediction intervals calculated...
m3_other_tsOther actuals from the M3-competition (TSTS)
m3_quarterly_fcQuarterly forecasts from the M3-competition (FTS)
m3_quarterly_fc_pisQuarterly forecasts containing prediction intervals...
m3_quarterly_tsQuarterly actuals from the M3-competition (TSTS)
m3_yearly_fcYearly forecasts from the M3-competition (FTS)
m3_yearly_fc_pisYearly forecasts containing prediction intervals calculated...
m3_yearly_tsYearly actuals from the M3-competition (TSTS)
plotCoverageCoverage Probability Plot
plotFanFan chart
plotFixedHorizonFixed horizon graph
plotFixedOriginFixed origin graph
plotPRDPrediction-Realization Diagram
printForecastSummaryForecast Summary Table
printSeriesSummaryTime Series Summary Table
showFTSForecast Table Schema (FTS) Specification
showTSTSTime Series Table Schema (TSTS) Specification
validateFTSForecast Table Schema (FTS) Validation
validateTSTSTime Series Table Schema (TSTS) Validation
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