Man pages for fozy81/NBN4R
National Biodiversity Network Atlas (UK and Ireland) Data and Resources in R

check_assertionsCheck assertions in occurrences object
fieldguideGenerate a PDF field guide using the ALA's field guide...
image_infoFetch information about an image, given its image ID
intersect_pointsIntersect environmental or contextual layers at a given a set...
nbn_cache_filenameReturns the name of the cache file associated with the given...
nbn_configGet or set configuration options that control NBN4R behaviour
nbn_fieldsRetrieves a list of all field names that can be used with...
nbn_listSpecies lists
nbn_listsFind NBN species lists
occurrence_detailsRetrieve the full details of occurrence records
occurrencesGet occurrence data
occurrences_plotQuick geographic plot of occurrence data
occurrences_s3Summarize, filter and subset occurrence data
search_fulltextFull text search
search_guidsLookup of species identifiers
search_layersSearch for environmental and contextual data layers
search_namesLookup of taxonomic names
search_partial_namePartial-name search
sites_by_speciesSites by species
species_infoFetch a taxon profile given a scientific name or LSID (GUID)
specieslistGet list of taxa and their occurrence counts
taxinfo_downloadDownload taxonomic data
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