Man pages for francesco-carotenuto/PaleoMacroEco
Methods and Tools for Deep-Time Macroecology with Fossil Data

fix.coastal.pointsShift points to the nearest non-NA cell of a base raster...
import.palettesImport some user-defined palettes
lgmExample dataset
minosseA ready to use function to compute species geographic range...
minosse.dataCreates model's predictors
minosse.plotA function to plot the MInOSSE results
minosse.polyThe species geographic range polygon
minosse.targetThe target species geographic range computation.
occ.desaggregation.RASTERRemove duplicated points falling into the same raster cell
raster.leaflet.plotPlot a 'RasterLayer' or 'RasterStack' object through the...
remove.NAs.stackRemove unpaired NA cells from a RasterStack
show.custom.palettesShow the palettes from PAL1 to PAL28
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