Man pages for fruciano/GeometricMorphometricsMix
Miscellaneous functions useful for geometric morphometrics

adjRand_testTest the significance of the adjusted Rand index
BTailTestBTailTest for difference in disparity/morphospace occupation
disparity_testPermutation test of difference in disparity/morphospace...
EscoufierRVEscoufier RV coefficient
KmultparallelParallel implementation of Adams' Kmult
ProjectOrthogonalProject to subspace orthogonal to a vector
rarefied_convex_hullRarefied estimates of n-dimensional convex hull volume
rarefied_disparityRarefied estimates of disparity/morphospace occupation
repeated_measures_testPerform test on two repeated measures
rescale_by_landmark_distanceRescale landmark data based on interlandmark distances
reversePCA'Reverse' PCA
rotate_landmarksUser-defined rotation of a landmark configuration
RVcomparisonCompare Escoufier RV coefficient between two groups
RVrarefiedRarefied version of Escoufier RV coefficient
scaled_variance_of_eigenvaluesCompute scaled variance of eigenvalues
TestOfAnglePerform a test of the angle between two multivariate vectors
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