Man pages for gabrielhoc/MapinguariLegacy
Tools for process-based biogeographical analysis

AETFUNGenerates Actual EvapoTranspiration rasters
clean_pointsClean occurrence records
daylengthFUNGets average month day lengths for an area
fit_curvesCreates vectorized predict functions from models.
FulanusBreedingBreeding status and climate conditinos of Fulanus at specific...
FulanusDistribution615 occurrence records
FulanusMicroclimatePrices of 50,000 round cut diamonds.
FulanusPhysiologyRunning speed achieved by 125 *Fulanus beltranus* lizards in...
get_rastersRetrieve and organize spatial environmental information.
MapinguariLegacyMapinguari: Tools for process-based biogeographical analysis.
PETFUNWrapper around 'PET_fromTemp' function from package...
pseudoabsencesGenerate background pseudoabsence records
qlistList of unevaluated expressions
rhFUNRelative humidity from temperature and water vapor pressure
sradFUNWrapper around 'Solar' function from package 'EcoHydrology'
transform_rastersTransform environmental rasters in ecophysiological rasters.
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