Man pages for gadenbuie/xaringanthemer
Xaringan CSS Theme Generator

apply_alphaAdd alpha to hex color
choose_dark_or_lightChoose dark or light color
duoDuotone Theme
duo_accentDuotone Accent Theme
duo_accent_inverseDuotone Accent Inverse Theme
google_fontSpecify Google Font
google_language_codesList Valid Google Language Codes
lighten_darken_colorGenerate lighter or darker version of a color
mono_accentMonotone Accent Theme
mono_accent_inverseMonotone Accent Inverse Theme
mono_darkMonotone Dark Theme
mono_lightMonotone Light Theme
solarized_darkSolarized Dark Theme
solarized_lightSolarized Light Theme
write_extra_cssWrite Extra CSS arguments
write_xaringan_themeWrite A Customized Xaringan Theme
xaringanthemer-packagexaringanthemer: Xaringan CSS Theme Generator
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