Man pages for geanders/futureheatwaves
Find, Characterize, and Explore Extreme Events in Climate Projections

acquireDirectoryStructureAcquire structure of input directory
apply_all_modelsApply a function across heat waves from all projections
apply_hw_projectionsApply a function to projected extreme events
average_lengthCalculate average length of extreme events
average_mean_tempCalculate average variable of extreme events
buildStructureEnsemblesList files for a single ensemble member
buildStructureExperimentsGenerate file structure for an experiment
buildStructureModelsGenerate list of file structure
checkCustomBoundsCheck year boundaries for errors
check_paramsCheck for input parameter errors
closest_pointFind closest grid point to a city location
consolidateConsolidate heat wave dataframes
createAccumulatorsCreate accumulator closure
createCityProcessorCreate closure to identify and aggregate heat waves
createEnsembleWriterEnsemble writer factory function
createHwDataframeCharacterize heat waves
datafrExample data to input to extreme event identifier functions
formDatesCreate date vector for requested time period
formHwFrameCreate heat wave dataframe for an ensemble
futureheatwavesFind, Characterize, and Explore Heat Waves in Climate...
gen_hw_setCreate and write extreme event projections
getBoundsAcquire boundaries of time series data
heatwave_daysCalculate total event days
hw_datafrExample of extreme event characteristics dataset
IDheatwavesIdentify all heat waves in a time series
IDHeatwavesAlternativeIdentify heat waves in a time series
IDHeatwavesCPPIdentify heat waves that are a certain number of days long
IDHeatwavesCPPwrapperIdentify heat waves in a time series
IDHeatwavesRIdentify heat waves in a time series
map_gridCreate a map of model grid
map_grid_ggmapCreate a map of model grid using ggmap
map_grid_leafletCreate an interactive map of model grid
number_of_heatwavesCalculate number of extreme_events
process_cities_fileProcess city file
processEnsembleExtract projections from ensemble member
processModelProcess valid models
processProjectionsCreate heat wave dataframe for climate projection
processReferenceGet projection data for reference period
processThresholdsCalculate threshold temperatures
readLatLongRead latitude and longitude data
readtasRead climate projection data
readTimesRead projection dates data
storeHeatwaveEntryHelper function that adds entries
storeZeroesHelper function that adds zeroes
writeAccumulatorsWrite model information to file
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