processProjections: Create heat wave dataframe for climate projection

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This function, for each ensemble member, creates the heat wave dataframe and writes it to file. It also stores the locations for each ensemble.


processProjections(ensemble, modelName, ensembleWriter, thresholds, global,
  custom, accumulators, reference, reference_dates)



List with parsed information about the directory structure for a specific ensemble member from the user-specified projections directory. This list is a subset of the list generated by acquireDirectoryStructure.


Character string of climate model name (e.g., "bcc1"). This name is generated from the subdirectory name for the climate model within dataFolder.


A closure created by createEnsembleWriter to write output from this process to a file within the output directory specified by the user with the out argument in gen_hw_set.


A vector with the thresholds to use within each city in that city's heat wave definition.These are typically automatically determine during the run of the gen_hw_set function.


An list object created by gen_hw_set that includes user specifications (e.g., the path to the output directory, the path to the input climate projections, the dataframe with city locations).


An list object created by gen_hw_set that includes user specifications (e.g., the name of the R function to use to identify heat waves, alternative upper and lower year boundaries for the data used to determine threshold temperatures for the heat wave definition, alternative upper and lower year boundaries for the projection period of the heat wave datasets being generated).


The closure generated by createAccumulators that allows you to append model information and grid location data as you process through models to a growing list.


FALSE, if the user has not specified custom reference boundaries through the referenceBoundaries argument in gen_hw_set, otherwise a dataframe with the time series of projected temperatures for the custom reference period for each study city.


A numeric vector with the start and end years to use for the reference period


This function writes every heat wave dataframe to a .csv and returns the ensemble member used as the reference.

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