ext_tracks_wind: Extended best tracks county wind speeds for historical storms

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A dataframe with storm winds based on extended best tracks hurricane data for historical Atlantic basin storms.




A dataframe with 162,928 rows and 5 variables:


County's 5-digit Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code


Maximum modeled gust wind speed in the county during the storm.


Maximum modeled sustained wind speed in the county during the storm.


Minutes sustained wind was above 34 knots in the county during the storm.


Unique storm identifier with the storm name and year, separated by a hyphen(e.g., "Alberto-1988", "Katrina-2005")


To calculate the wind values in this dataset, we used the wind radii from the Extended Best Tracks dataset for Atlantic-basin tropical storms (see the reference and source). These wind radii provide the radius in each of four quadrants (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest) from the storm's center for each of the 6-hour storm observations. We interpolated this data to every 15 minutes and scaled each radius to 0.85 of its full value (the original radius gives the maximum extent of 64-knot, 50-knot, and 34-knot winds in each quadrant). For each 15-minute point along the storm's track, we determined which counties fell within each wind radius. We then determined, for each county, the maximum wind value over the course of the storm. These wind values are limited to 34 knots, 50 knots, and 64 knots; if a county is reported as having 64-knot winds in this dataset, it therefore means that the county fell within 0.85 times the 64-knot maximum wind radius at least once during the storm, and so can be interpreted as the county likely experiencing at least 64-knot winds during the course of the storm.

Gust wind speed was calculated using a gust factor of 1.49 applied to the estimated sustained wind speed (see the "Details" vignette of the stormwindmodel package for more details on the choice of this gust factor). Durations were based on the number of minutes winds were above 34 knots in the county over the course of the storm.


Andrea Schumacher [email protected]


Extended best tracks data were obtained from: http://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/research/tropical_cyclones/tc_extended_best_track_dataset/


Demuth J, DeMaria M, Knaff JA, 2006. Improvement of advanced microwave sounder unit tropical cyclone intensity and size estimation algorithms. Journal of Applied Meteorology 45:1573-1581.

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