storm_events: County storm event listings associated with tropical storms

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A list with any county-level storm event listings from NOAA Storm Events that were near an Atlantic basin tropical storm in location and time. Only storms that came within 250 km of at least one US county were included. This database covered tornadoes and a few other types of events throughout the full period (1988-2015). Some event types were only included in the database for 1996 and later (e.g. flood events). See the documentation at the website listed in the sources for more information on this database.




A list with 137 elements. Each element is named after a specific tropical storm and is a dataframe with 2 variables:


County's 5-digit Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code


List of extreme events listings for a specific county and storm. Each event is given by event type (e.g., "Tornado", "Flood", "Flash Flood"). See documentation in the website referenced below for the NOAA Storm Events database for more information.


Listings were generated using the noaastormevents package. An event listed in the NOAA Storm Events database was matched to a tropical storm if its beginning date was within a five-day window of the date the tropical storm passed closest to the county and if the storm came within 500 km of the county. See the documentation for the noaastormevents package (currently available through GitHub) for more details on this process. All events that were listed by county were captured for a storm; events that were reported at the forecast zone were also included if it was possible to link the event to its appropriate county. If no events in the NOAA Storm Events database were associated with a tropical storm, that storm is not included in this dataset.


Brooke Anderson [email protected] and Ziyu Chen [email protected]


Event listings were obtained from the NOAA Storm Events Database, available at:

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