Man pages for geneticsMiNIng/cr17
Testing Differences Between Competing Risks Models and Its Visualisations

eventTabNumber of events tables
fitCumincCumulative Incidences Curves
fitRegRegression Models for Competing Risks
fitSurvivalEstimation of survival curves for each risk separately
LUADLUAD dataset from The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
plotCumincCumulative incidences curves
plotSurvivalSurvival curves
riskTabNumber at risk table
simpleCoxCox model for each type of event separately
summarizeCRCompeting Risks Models Summary
testCoxTesting differences between groups in Cox models.
testCumincK-sample Test for Competing Risks
testRegRegresion models difference testing
testSurvivalFleming-Harrington test for differences between groups
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