Man pages for genomaths/MethylIT.utils
MethylIT utility

classPerformClassification performance based on divergences of...
colorBarColor bar for heatmaps
divTestGroup Comparisons of Information Divergences Based on...
dmpDensityLinear density of DMPs at a given genomic region
evalDetectionEvaluate detection performance of a signal detector
evaluateModelEvaluate a model using the Akaike information criterion (AIC)
findCutpointFind a cutoff of divergences of methylation level values
gammaMixtCutCutpoint estimation based on Mixtures of Gamma Distributions
GeneUpDownStreamGet Genes plus Up and Down Stream Regions
getGRegionsStat2Statistic of Genomic Regions
getGRegionsStat-methodsStatistic of Genomic Regions
getMethContextGet Methylation Context from a chromosome DNA sequence
hclust_rectDraw Rectangles with Background Colors Around Hierarchical...
jensenSDivCompute Jensen-Shannon Divergence
ksTestKolmogorov-Smirnov statistics
predict.GammaMixtPredict function for the DMP's Mixtures of Gamma...
predict.ProbDistrPredict function for probability distributions in Methyl-IT
propTestBeta Regression for methylation levels and rates
rmstGRRoot Mean Square Test for Methylation Analysis
shannonEntrCompute Shannon Entropy
signal2binsGenomic Signal to Summarized Bins
signals2binsGenomic Signals to Summarized Bins
simulateCountsSimulate read counts of methylated and unmethylated cytosines
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