Man pages for genomaths/usefr
Utility Functions for Statistical Analyses

AICmodelAkaike's Information Criterion (AIC)
AICquasiPoissonAIC for Quasi-Poisson glm model
betaBinPostBeta binomial posteriors
betaDistEstimationNonlinear Parameter Estimation for Beta Distribution
BICmodelBayesian Information Criterion (BIC)
bicopulaGOFGoodness of Fit Boostrap Test for Bivariate distributions...
cdf_crossvalCross validation of Cumulative Distribution Function model
coefsExtract Model Coefficients
dirichletDirichlet Distribution
estimateDirichDistNonlinear Parameter Estimation for Dirichlet Distribution
fitCDFNonlinear fit of a commutative distribution function
fitCDF2Nonlinear fit of a commutative distribution function
fitMixDistNonlinear fit of Mixture distributions
gamma3pGamma Distribution with Three Parameters
ggammaGeneralized Gamma distribution
hnormHalf-Normal distribution
hyp_matrixCompute the Hypothesis Matrix for MANOVA testing.
MANOVAMultivariate Analysis of Variance for Summarized Data
mcgoftestBootstrap test for Goodness of fit (GoF)
mixtdistrMixture of Distribution Functions
mutualinfMutual information Based on Multivariate Distributions...
nlmRNonlinear Goodness-of-fit and Determination Coefficients
ppCplotP-P plot of Two-dimensional Copulas
print.CDFmodelPrinting object from _CDFmodel_ class by simple print methods
rstudentsStudentized Residuals from a Nonlinear Model
unlistFlatten lists extended to any class
weibull3pWeibull Distribution with Three Parameters
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