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Beta binomial posteriors


In a Bayesian framework, the parameters from Beta distribution, \alpha and \beta, estimated from count data are used as pseudo-counts to estimate the posterior probabilities:

p = (\alpha + success)/(\alpha + \beta + trials)



betaBinPost(x, num.cores = 1L, tasks = 0L, verbose = TRUE, ...)



A numerical vector, a matrix or a data.frame object.

num.cores, tasks

Parameters for parallel computation using BiocParallel-package: the number of cores to use, i.e. at most how many child processes will be run simultaneously (see bplapply and the number of tasks per job (only for Linux OS).


if TRUE, prints the function log to stdout and a progress bar


Further arguments for betaDistEstimation function.


Robersy Sanchez <>

See Also

betaDistEstimation and estimateDirichDist

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