Man pages for geoffjentry/twitteR
R Based Twitter Client

decode_short_urlA function to decode shortened URLs
directMessage-classClass "directMessage": A class to represent Twitter Direct...
dmFunctions to manipulate Twitter direct messages
favoritesA function to get favorite tweets
friendshipsA function to detail relations between yourself & other users
getCurRateLimitInfoA function to retrieve current rate limit information
get_latest_tweet_idA function to retrieve the most recent tweet ID from a...
getTrendsFunctions to view Twitter trends
getUserFunctions to manage Twitter users
import_statusesFunctions to import twitteR objects from various sources
load_tweets_dbFunctions to persist/load twitteR data to a database
register_db_backendFunctions to setup a database backend for twitteR
registerTwitterOAuthRegister OAuth credentials to twitter R session
retweetsFunctions to work with retweets
searchSearch twitter
search_twitter_and_storeA function to store searched tweets to a database
setup_twitter_oauthSets up the OAuth credentials for a twitteR session
showStatusFunctions to return statuses
status-classClass to contain a Twitter status
strip_retweetsA function to remove retweets
taskStatusA function to send a Twitter DM after completion of a task
timelinesFunctions to view Twitter timelines
twListToDFA function to convert twitteR lists to data.frames
updateStatusFunctions to manipulate Twitter status
use_oauth_tokenSets up the OAuth credentials for a twitteR session from an...
user-classA container object to model Twitter users
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