Man pages for gherardovarando/Rbnet
Define and Manage Bayesian Networks

add_arc.bnetadd arc to a bnet object
add_nodes.bnetadd nodes to a bnet object
adj_matrix.bnetadjacency matrix for a bnet object
AIC.bnetAIC of bnet
arcsArcs of an object
arcs.bnetArcs of an object
AREARE function
as.bnetConvert object to bnet
as.COSA.bnetConvert bnet into list of nodes and arcs
BIC.bnetBIC of bnet
bnetParSet fitting parameters
bnet_to_bnConvert a bnet object to bnlearn object
bn_to_bnetConvert a bnlearn object to bnet object
child.bnetchild of selected nodes in a bnet object
classifier_bnetMultinet classifier using bnet
clear_evidence.bnetremove all evidence from a bnet object
compute_marginal.bnetMarginal Computation
create_foldscreate folds for validation
delete_arc.bnetdelete arc from a bnet object
delete_node.bnetdelete node (one!) from a bnet object
densplot.bnetClassifierPlot various densities for bnet classifier
dim.bnetDimension of a bnet object
discriminative.bnetDiscriminative model
fit.bnetFit a bnet object
hillClimb.bnetHill-Climbing structure search
is.acycliccheck if an object fullfil the acyclic property
is.acyclic.bnetisacyclic bnet
is.bnetCheck if an object is a bnet object
is.fitted.bnetcheck if a bnet is fitted
marginal.bnetReturn marginal x,y to plot
markovblanket.bnetMarkov blanket of a bnet object
MSEMSE function
naive_bayes.bnetNaive Bayes model or BAN model
new_bnetNew bnet object
onevsall_bnetClassifier One vs All
orden.bnetBnet variables ordering
plot.bnetPlot a bnet object
plot.bnetClassifierPlot a bnet classifier
predict.bnetpredict posterior values for a bnet object
predict.bnetClassifierprediction of 'classifier_bnet' object
predict.onevsall_bnetpredict function for onevsall_bnet object
print.bnetPrint a bnet object
probability.bnetcompute probability for a bnet
put_evidence.bnetput evidence on a bnet object
Rbnet-packageDefine and Manage Bayesian Networks
summary.bnetSummary of a bnet object
validationvalidate regression bnet models
variablesVariables of an object
variables.bnetvariables bnet
variables.bnetClassifiervariables for bnetClassifier
wrapperwrapper greedy search for structure
zero_one_accuracyzero one accuracy
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