Man pages for gisma/uavRmp
UAV Mission Planner

initProjDefines and creates folders and variables
makeAPUAV Mission Planning tool for autonomous monitoring flight...
makeGlobalVarGenerates a variable with a certain value in the R...
makeTPFlight Track Planning tool
maxpos_on_lineapplies a line to a raster and returns the position of the...
read_gpxRead GPX file
soloLogDownload, reorganize and export the binary log files from 3DR...
solo_uploadUpload MAV compliant mission File to a 3DR Solo
sp_linecreate an spatiallineobject from 2 points
sp_pointcreate an spatialpointobject from 1 points
tutdata_demDEM data set of Marburg-Biedenkopf
tutdata_flightareaFlight area planning example data
tutdata_flighttrackGPX example data
tutdata_positionposition example data
tutdata_waypointsMAVLINK waypoint example data
uavRmpUAV Mission Planner
vecDrawdigitizing vector features using a simple leaflet base map
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