Man pages for gmellon/neaR
A package providing data processing functions for arts administrative data

address2LatLonGeocodes data using RDSTK in a loop
append_poverty_dataAppends Poverty Data to main Data file
create_boolean_urbanCreate Rural/Urban Identifier
create_discipline_tagCreate New Discipline Variable
create_full_addressCombines relevant columns to create a complete address
create_intl_flagCreate Flag for International Records
create_poverty_flagCreate Poverty/Not Poverty Flag
create_urban_typeCreate Categories of Urban Records
dtfTransform to Data Frame
get_cd_dataGet Dataframe of Matching Congressional District
get_county_dataGet Dataframe of Matching County Data
get_ct_dataGet Dataframe of Matching Census Tract IDs
get_geocode_dataPrimary Geocoding Function
get_msa_dataGet Dataframe of Matching Metropolitan Area Codes
get_padded_zipPads zipcodes to 5 digits
get_poverty_ratesCreates a poverty rate variable, and merges two files with...
makeChunkIndexCreate chunks for looped functions
tract_level_dataDownload CT Level data from Census API
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