Man pages for gmonette/spida
Collection of miscellaneous functions for mixed models etc. prepared for SPIDA 2009+ (development version)

abindBind comformable arrays
acondTransform a frequency table into relative frequencies...
adultThe Adult dataset
anova.lmeanova for lme
apctTransform a frequency table to percentages
approx.ZApproximation for semi-parametric splines
apropRelative proportions
arepPercentages of a column or row sum output of a Wald test into a data frame
assnAssign in a pipeline
atotalAdd all marginal sums to an array
atotal.rdcVersion of atotal in RDC
av.frameCreate data frame for added variable plot
av.frame.lmlm method for av.frame
basisOrthogonal basis for column space of a matrix
BinarySetOpsSet operators
braceCreate a brace for a graph
cap1Capitalize first character of each word
capplyApply a function within each cluster of multilevel data
cellConfidence ellipse
cell.defaultConfidence ellipse
cell.glhConfidence ellipse for estimated parameters in Wald test
centerCentre of an object
center.ellCenter of an ellipse
changeReplace elements of x with correspondingly named elements of...
coef.waldExtract coefficients from Wald object
coffeeArtificial data set on Coffee Consumption, Heart Damage Index...
comPrediction with 'lmer' objects
compPrediction for 'lmer' objects
comp.bakBackup of former version of comp
comp.oldOlder version of comp
condExtended svd
ConjCompConjugate complement of span(X) in span(Z) with respect to...
constantGeneric constant variables that are constant within levels of a...
constant.defaultDefault method to test whether a variable is constant
ContrastsGeneric function to extend 'contrasts' to 'lmer' objects.
dDifferentiate with 0th order
dellCalculate coordinates of a data ellipse
describe.vectorDescribe a vector
diagsGeneric diagnostics
diags.lmStandard diagnostics for lm objects
diags.lmeStandard diagnostics for lme objects
DiffIDifference between current value and lagged value within...
dispDisplay the name and value of an object
dropone.lmeRefit a model dropping one observation or one cluster at a...
DrugsLongitudinal study of schizophrenia symptoms with...
egAttempt at streamlining expand.grid for prediction
ellCalculate coordinates of an ellipse
encRead coding tables in RDC
f2LTurns a factor of a PD matrix to a left-triangular factor
f2RTurns a factor of a PD matrix to a right-triangular factor
facLeft square root of X'X
fillCreate a time-invariant variable by filling in NAs - generic in missing values to create a time-invariant variable
fill.DateCreate a time-invariant variable by filling in NAs
fill.defaultDefault method to fill in values of time-invariant variable
fill.factorCreate time invariant variable by filling in missing values
formatCoefmatFormat a coefficient table
getFixGet information on fixed effects from a model object
giccGeneralized intraclass correlation coefficient for multilevel...
ginvGeneralized inverse - using version in MASS
ginv.1Generalized inverse - test version
glhGeneral linear hypothesis - now deprecated - use wald instead
glh.rdcTest version of glh in RDC
gpanel.bandPanel functions for predicted values and SE bands
gpanel.ellipseLattice panel function for data ellipse
grapes-and-grapesSet operators
greplMark for deletion since it now exists in base
grepvGrep with value = T
gspGeneral regression splines with variable degrees and...
gspf.1Marked for deletion
gsp.v01Gsp - older version
hsfullMath achievement and ses in a sample of 160 U.S. schools from...
hwArticial data with classical outliers.
IndonesiaRespiratory infections among Indonesian children....
iqLongitudinal study of IQ after traumatic brain injuries
KeySynomym for simpleKey
labsAdd labels - generic
labs_-Add labels - assignment labels - assignment to data frame labels - data frame
labs_-.defaultAdd labels - default
labs.defaultAdd labels - default
labs-setAdd labels - assignment labels - assignment to data frame
labs-set-.defaultAdd labels - default
Lag'Contextual' Lag with respect to time within id
Lag.0Lag within subject: older less efficient version of Lag
LagILag with respect to time within id with interpolation for...
LallHypothesis matrix for lmer objects
LcHypothesis matrix for lmer objects: comparisons with...
LdiffHypothesis matrix for ...
Ldiff.oldOlder version of Ldiff
Ldiff.rdcVersion of Ldiff used in RDC
LeffHypothesis matrices for first and higher-order effects
LequalHypothesis matrix for equality of factor level effects
LformHypothesis matrix generated by expressions
LfxHypothesis matrix generated by expressions for each column or...
libLibrary workaround for RDC
LmatGenerate a hypothesis matrix
LmuEstimate predicted response for a factor level.
longCreate a longitudinal file from a wide file
LrmConstruct hypothesis matrix to test repeated measures factor...
mapApply a mapping to a vector
mergecStack data frames
migrainesEffectiveness of migraine treatment
misscode.defaultTurns NAs into a value below the range of non-missing data...
mscmMothers' Stress and Children's Morbidity (MSCM) study:...
multrespCreate an indicator matrix from a multiple response variable
na20Transform NAs to 0
na2fTransform NAs to FALSE
na.comApply com with NAs
na.comresCompute residuals from component with NAs
na.fittedFitted values with NAs
na.getResponseResponse with NAs
na.includeInclude NAs
na.padAdd NAs to match original data frame
na.pad.defaultAdd NAs - default
na.pad.lmeAdd NAs - lme
na.residAdd NAs - resid
na.residualsResiduals with NAs
old.cellOld confidence ellipse
oplotIndicate number of points overplotted
OrthoCompOrthogonal basis for the orthogonal complement of the column...
orthogTwo by two matrix of orthogonal rotation
orthog.projOrthogonal projection matrix - check possibly poor numerical...
osculantLocus of osculation between two families of ellipses
pp - quick paste with sep = "
palGenerate a palette of colours - possibly superseded
palsDisplay colors n at a time
panel.subgroupsPanel function to display subgroups within groups within...
partIntersection and symmetric differences of two sets
pchisq.mixP-value for a mixed Chi-Square
pdConstruct.pdIndConstruct pdInd object
pdFactor.pdIndFactor of a pdInd object.
pdIndConstuctor for Positive-Definite Matrix With Zero Covariances...
pdMatrix.pdIndpdMatrix method for pdInd objects
PolyMatrix of powers
prAlternative print - generic
pr.defaultAlternative print - should probably use dput
predict.merA tentative version of predict for mer objects
print.catPrint method for 'cat' objects
print.correlprint correlations a labeled data frame
print.glh.rdcPrint a 'glh' object tested in RDC
print.waldPrint method for wald objects
ProjProjection matrix
Proj.1Projection matrix
Proj.testTest accuracy of projection method.
QQ matrix of QR decomposion with missing data
RbindGeneric rbind that works on data frames applied to data frames
Rbind.listRbind applied to lists
Read.dtaread a STATA .dta file
Read.spssRead an SPSS file
reorder.defaultMake reorder work on non-factors
RiesbyLongitudinal response of depressed patients to imipramine and...
samplerShow characters, colours, etc.
sasinRead a SAS ODS file
select.firstFind the first non-missing element of a vector and check...
smsplineGenerate a smoothing spline
smspline.vsmspline.v from library splines with better ginverse
solve.pdIndsolve method for pdInd objects.
sortdfOrder the rows of a data frame
spidaA package with miscellaneous utilities for hierarchical and...
spida-packageCollection of utility functions for mixed models, etc. for...
spline.ESpline estimation function
spline.TSpline tranformation matrix
summSpecial version of summary
summ.lmerSummary for lmer objects
tabTable of frequencies or relative frequencies bordered with...
tablemissingTabulate and visualize missing values
tdSet lattice parameters for multiple groups
tfunUtility function
tolongLong data set from wide data set
towideWide data set from long data set
trTranslate elements of a character vector
tranTranslate elements of a vector
trimTrim trailing blanks
trim.characterTrim trailing blanks from character vector trailing blanks from all variables in a data frame
trim.defaultTrim default - identity
trim.factorTrim trailing blanks from a factor object
upCreate a data frame at a higher level of aggregation
val2naTransform selected values to NAs
varLevelIdentify level of aggregation at which a variable in...
vboxUnit box
VcorCorrelation matrix of fixed effects
Vcor.rdcVersion of Vcor used in RDC
VcovGeneric 'vcov' extended to 'lmer' objects
Vcov.rdcVersion of Vcov used in RDC
vellVector around an ellipse
vif.lmeVariance Inflation Factors for Mixed Models
vmatCreate a matrix entering vectors column by column
vobjCombine ellipse with subtending box
vplotCollection of functions to help teach matrix geometry in 2...
vsquareSquare in 2 dimensions
waldGeneral Linear Hypothesis for the 'fixed' portion of a model...
Write.dtaWrite a STATA file
write.sasModified version of
Write.spssWrite and SPSS file
xanovaExtended anova
xanova.lmerModified Anova for lmer objects
xapply.formulaApply a function over a ragged array and return a data frame
xlevelsCreate 'derivatives' and 'means' of factors to generate, for...
xmergeExtended merge with diagnostics
xqplotExtended Quantile Plots
zorkJust to see if zork.rd gets created
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