Man pages for gmonette/spidanew
New Functions for the spida Package output of a Wald test into a data frame
coef.waldExtract coefficients from Wald object
getDataExtract the model data frame for various fitting methods
getFactorNamesget the names of variables that are factors
getFixGet information on fixed effects from a model object
getXDesign matrix for a fit possibly on a new data frame
gpanel.fitPanel functions for predicted values and SE bands
grapes-less-grapessetdiff as a binary operator
hsfullMath achievement and ses in a sample of 160 U.S. schools from...
iqLongitudinal study of IQ after traumatic brain injuries
labsAssign, extract and print labels
LallHypothesis matrix to test for lmer objects
LcHypothesis matrix for lmer objects: comparisons with...
LcallConstruct hypothesis matrix to test ????
LdiffHypothesis matrix to test differencs in factor levels
Ldiff.oldOlder version of Ldiff
Ldiff.rdcVersion of Ldiff used in RDC
LequalHypothesis matrix to test equality of factor level effects
LformHypothesis matrix generated by expressions
LfxHypothesis matrix generated by expressions for each column or...
LmatGenerate a hypothesis matrix
LmuEstimate predicted response for a factor level.
longCreate a long file from a wide file
LrmConstruct hypothesis matrix to test repeated measures factor...
MMethod to generate hypothesis matrices from formulas
pchEasy pch characters
PmatComparison hypothesis matrix
print.catPrint method for 'cat' objects
print.waldPrint method for wald objects
runEvaluate character strings as an expression
spidanewspidanew: New functions for the spida package
VcovGeneric 'vcov' extended to objects with a 'getFix' method
waldGeneral Linear Hypothesis for the 'fixed' portion of a model...
walddfWald function producing a data frame for graphing
xlevelsCreate 'derivatives' and 'means' of factors to generate, for...
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