eigenmap-class: Class and Methods for Spatial Eigenvector Maps

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Class and Methods for Spatial Eigenvector Maps


Create and handle spatial eigenvector maps of a set of locations a space with an arbitrary number of dimensions.


## S3 method for class 'eigenmap'
print(x, ...)

## S3 method for class 'eigenmap'
plot(x, ...)



an 'eigenmap-class' object.


Further parameters to be passed to other functions or methods (currently ignored).


'eigenmap-class' objects contain:


A matrix of coordinates.


The interval within which pairs of sites are considered as neighbours.


A distance matrix.


The weighting function that had been used.


The weighting function parameter that had been used.


A vector of the eigenvalues obtain from the computation of the eigenvector map.


A matrix of the eigenvectors defining the eigenvector map.


The 'print' method provides the number of the number of orthonormal variables (i.e. basis functions), the number of observations these functions are spanning, and their associated eigenvalues.

The 'plot' method provides a plot of the eigenvalues and offers the possibility to plot the values of variables for 1- or 2-dimensional sets of coordinates. plot.eigenmap opens the default graphical device driver, i.e., X11, windows, or quartz and recurses through variable with a left mouse click on the graphical window. A right mouse click interrupts recursing on X11 and windows (Mac OS X users should hit Esc on the quartz graphical device driver (Mac OS X users).


  • print(eigenmap): Print method for eigenmap-class objects

  • plot(eigenmap): Plot method for eigenmap-class objects


Guillaume Guenard and Pierre Legendre, Bertrand Pages Maintainer: Guillaume Guenard <guillaume.guenard@gmail.com>


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