Man pages for gugl58/basicscriptsGG-Package
Includes the basicscripts for GG's analysis

add.timepointAdding timepoints
define.cattA modified cat()
inst.load.packagesLoads a package called "package" and installs it if necessary
links.genecardsGene list to links from
list.make.textableBooktabs table from list of matrices Make a latex table to...
make.textableBooktabs table from matrix Make a latex table to use with the...
multiplotMultiple plot function
printPlotlistPrints a list of plots without printing every plot number
RuntimeCConstructor for S3 RuntimeC-Class
sample.percentageDivides vector0 into random "length(percentages)" parts
source.addtimeA personal adaptation of source()
source.functionSource a script from function.dir
summarizeRTFinalize the RuntimeC-Object
writeWrite function
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