Man pages for guido-s/meta
General Package for Meta-Analysis

amlodipineAmlodipine for Work Capacity functions for objects of class meta
baujatBaujat plot to explore heterogeneity in meta-analysis
bubbleBubble plot to display the result of a meta-regression
ciCalculation of confidence intervals (based on normal...
cisaprideCisapride in Non-Ulcer Dispepsia
Fleiss93Aspirin after Myocardial Infarction
Fleiss93contMental Health Treatment
forestForest plot to display the result of a meta-analysis
funnelFunnel plot
gsGet default for a meta-analysis setting.
labbeL'Abbé plot for meta-analysis with binary outcomes
metabiasTest for funnel plot asymmetry
metabias.rm5Cochrane review: Test for funnel plot asymmetry
metabinMeta-analysis of binary outcome data
metabindCombine meta-analysis objects
metacontMeta-analysis of continuous outcome data
metacorMeta-analysis of correlations
metacrMeta-analysis of outcome data from Cochrane review
metacumCumulative meta-analysis
metagenGeneric inverse variance meta-analysis
metaincMeta-analysis of incidence rates
metainfInfluence analysis in meta-analysis using leave-one-out...
metameanMeta-analysis of single means
meta-packagemeta: Brief overview of methods and general hints
metapropMeta-analysis of single proportions
metarateMeta-analysis of single incidence rates
Olkin95Thrombolytic Therapy after Acute Myocardial Infarction
print.metaPrint meta-analysis results
radialRadial plot
read.mtvImport RevMan 4 data files (.mtv)
read.rm5Import RevMan 5 data files (.csv)
settings.metaPrint and change default settings to conduct and print or...
smokingSmoking example
summary.metaSummary of meta-analysis results
summary.rm5Cochrane review: Summary of meta-analyses
trimfillTrim-and-fill method to adjust for bias in meta-analysis
update.metaUpdate a meta-analysis object
weights.metaCalculate absolute and percentage weights for meta-analysis
woodyplantsElevated CO_2 and total biomass of woody plants
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