Man pages for guido-s/netmeta
Network Meta-Analysis using Frequentist Methods functions for objects of class netmeta
decomp.designDesign-based decomposition of Cochran's Q in network...
dietaryfatNetwork meta-analysis of dietary fat
discombAdditive network meta-analysis for combinations of treatments...
forest.netmetaForest plot
forest.netsplitForest plot for direct and indirect evidence
funnel.netmeta'Comparison-adjusted' funnel plot
hasseHasse diagram
Linde2015Network meta-analysis of treatments for depression
Linde2016Network meta-analysis of primary care depression treatments
netcombAdditive network meta-analysis for combinations of treatments
netconnectionGet information on network connectivity (number of...
netdistanceCalculate distance matrix for an adjacency matrix
netgraphNetwork graph
netheatNet heat plot
netleagueCreate and print league table for network meta-analysis...
netmatrixCreate a matrix with additional information for pairwise...
netmeasuresMeasures for characterizing a network meta-analysis
netmetaNetwork meta-analysis using graph-theoretical method
netmetabinNetwork meta-analysis of binary outcome data
netmeta-packagenetmeta: Brief overview of methods and general hints
netposetPartial order of treatments in network meta-analysis
netrankFrequentist method to rank treatments in network
netsplitSplit direct and indirect evidence in network meta-analysis
pairwiseTransform meta-analysis data from two arm-based formats into...
parkinsonNetwork meta-analysis of treatments for Parkinson's disease
plot.netposetScatter plot or biplot showing partially order of treatment...
print.decomp.designPrint method for objects of class
print.netcombPrint and summary method for objects of class netcomb
print.netmetaPrint and summary method for objects of class netmeta
Senn2013Network meta-analysis in diabetes
smokingcessationNetwork meta-analysis of interventions for smoking cessation
treatsAbbreviate treatment names
Woods2010Count statistics of survival data
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