Man pages for guokai8/Enrichr
Enrichment analysis

DEDisease Ontology Enrichment analysis function
enrichEnrichment analysis for any type of annotation data
enrichbarDisplay enrichment result By using barchart
enrichdotDisplay enrichment result By using dotchart
enrich_fgseaEnrichment analysis for any type of annotation data
GEGO Enrichment analysis function
GE.plotDisplay GO enrichment result
getdetailGet detail information from enrichment results
gnetDraw network with ggplot2 style
GO_childGet all children terms of node
helloHello, World!
idconvertConvert ID between ENTREZID to SYMBOL or other type ID based...
IE.ensembleInterPro Enrichment analysis function
IE.plantInterPro Enrichment analysis function for plant
KEKEGG Pathway Enrichment analysis function
KE.plotDisplay KEGG enrichment result
lheatmapPlot compare heatmap of Enrichment result among DEG groups
makeesannomake annotation data except plant based on ENSEMBLE
makeGOdatmake GO annotation data function
makeKOdatmake KEGG annotation data function
makeOwnGOMake user define annotation data
makeplantannmake plant annotation data based on ENSEMBLE
makeplantROdatmake Plant Reactome annotation data function
makeROdatamake Reactome annotation data function
mnetmapplot combine network of Terms
netmapPlot network of Terms
PE.ensemblePFAM Enrichment analysis function based on ensemble...
PE.plantPFAM Enrichment analysis function based on ensemble plant...
plot_gseaplot the gsea result
rcpp_helloHello, Rcpp!
REReactome Pathway Enrichment analysis function
RE.plantReactome Pathway Enrichment analysis function for plant
reverseListreverse List
showAvailableplantsROshow avaliable plant Reactome annotation data function
showAvailableROshow avaliable Reactome annotation data except plant
showDatashow avaliable data based on bioconductor annotation package
showensembleShow avaliable annotation except plant based on ENSEMBLE
showplantShow avaliable plant annotation based on ENSEMBLE
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