Man pages for hadley/layers
Layer related components from ggplot2

add_groupEnsure that the data frame contains a grouping variable.
adjust_fillStack overlapping objects on top of one another, and...
adjust_stackStack overlapping objects on top of one another
aes_allAll aesthetics
aes_defaultDefault aesthetics.
aes_iconDefault aesthetics for drawing representation icons.
aes_presentAesthetics that should be non-missing.
aes_requiredRequired aesthetics.
build_defaultsBuild set of defaults from named types.
build_layerCreates layer function given a geom and stat.
calc_aestheticsUpdate data with aesthetic defaults and parameters values.
check_aesthetic_paramsCheck that aesthetic parameters are for correct aesthetics.
check_missing_aestheticsShould be called once for each layer, not once for each...
check_required_aestheticsCheck that all required aesthetics are present.
geom_barBars, rectangles with bases on x-axis.
geom_dataProcess data for the geom.
geom_deparseDeparse a geom into the call that created it. Useful for...
geom_grobRender a grid grob from a geom and a dataset.
geom_lineConnect observations, in ordered by x value
geom_nameThe name of the geom.
geom_pathConnect observations, in original order.
geom_plotConvenience method for plotting geoms.
geom_pointGeom: point.
geom_polygonPolygon, a filled path.
geom_premunchPrepare the data for munching (if needed).
geom_rangeCompute the range of the data supplied to a geom.
geom_rasterRaster geom.
geom_rect2d rectangles.
geom_ribbonRibbons, y range with continuous x values
geom_rugMarginal rug plots
geom_segmentSingle line segments.
geom_statDefault related stat and adjust.
geom_stepConnect observations with stairs.
geom_textTextual annotations
geom_tileTile geom.
geom_visualiseProduce an visual summary of the geom.
join_aestheticsJoin constant aesthetics back onto results of statistical...
layersThe layers package.
parse_dotsParse named list of arguments into components.
statStatistical transformations.
stat_by_groupDoes the statistic operate groupwise?
stat_contourComputer contours (iso-levels) of 3d data.
stat_density1d density estimation.
stat_density2d2d density estimate
stat_densitypointCompute the density at each point in the data
stat_identityIdentity transformation.
stat_post_transformPost-transform operations.
stat_pre_transformPre-transform operations.
stat_ranges_neededRanged needed by the statistic.
stat_sumSum unique values. Useful for overplotting on scatterplots.
stat_transform.densitypointdata(diamonds, package = "ggplot2") df <- diamonds[c("price",...
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