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Healthy birth, growth & development

add_all_cogsAdd a column to a data frame containing cognostics for fitted...
add_fit_cogsAdd a column to a data frame containing cognostics for fitted...
add_holdout_indAdd indicator column for per-subject holdout
add_longi_cogsSet longitudinal cognostics for subject-nested data frames
add_trajectory_plotAdd a column to a data frame containing trajectory / velocity...
auto_loessFind best loess fit based on aic or gcv
by_subjectTransform a longitudinal dataset into one row per subject
check_dataCheck a dataset to ensure it will be compatible with hbgd...
cppSubset of growth data from the collaborative perinatal...
exp10_1Inverse of log base 10 plus 1
fit_all_trajectoriesApply trajectory fitting to each subject in a dataset
fit_method.brokenstickGet the result of fitting brokenstick to a dataset
fit_method.faceGet the result of fitting face.sparse to a dataset
fit_method.fdaCompute functional "fda" fit of growth trajectory
fit_method.gamCompute gam spline fit of growth trajectory
fit_method.loessCompute loess fit of growth trajectory
fit_method.lwmodGet the result of fitting a Laird and Ware linear or...
fit_method.rlmCompute robust linear model fit of growth trajectory
fit_method.sitarGet the result of fitting sitar to a dataset
fit_method.smooth.splineCompute smooth.spline fit of growth trajectory
fit_method.wandGet the result of fitting a "Wand" model to a dataset
fit_trajectoryApply a model fit to an individual's trajectory
fix_heightMerge 'htcm' and 'lencm' into the 'htcm' variable
get_agefreqGet age frequency
get_avail_methodsGet names of all available fitting methods
get_data_attributesInfer and attach attributes to a longitudinal growth study...
get_fitObtain a trajectory "fit" object for a dataset
get_fit_holdout_errorsGet holdout errors
get_fit_holdout_mseGet MSE for holdout
get_nadirGet nadir of z-scale growth trajectory
get_recoveryGet recovery statistics of z-scale growth trajectory
get_smocc_dataGet SMOCC data from brokenstick, transformed to be...
get_traj_velocityReturns the veclocity of growth trajectories for _all_...
get_x_rangeGet the x-axis range across all subjects
grid_derivEstimate derivative given a grid of points
hbgd_labelsLabels for common variable names in hbgd data
hbgd_labels_dfLabels for common variable names in hbgd data
hbgd-packagehbgd: Healthy Birth, Growth & Development
log10_1log base 10 plus 1
plot_agefreqPlot age frequency
plot_complete_pairsPlot a heat map of frequency of "complete" (both non-NA)...
plot_first_visit_agePlot histogram and quantile plot of age at first visit
plot.fittedTrajectoryPlot a fitted trajectory
plot_missingPlot a stacked bar chart indicating NAs for each variable in...
plot_multi_subj_boxplotPlot boxplots of distrubutions of number of records per...
plot.subjDivPlot a raw data trajectory
plot_time_count_gridPlot counts by age for a list of studies
plot_univarMake a grid of univariate summary plots
plot_var_matrixPlot a matrix comparing variables present in a list of...
plot_velocityPlot a fitted trajectory's velocity
plot_visit_distnPlot histogram and quantile plot of number of "visits" for...
plot_zPlot a fitted trajectory on z-score scale
plot_zvelocityPlot a fitted trajectory's z-score velocity
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
subjecttimeGet subject-level or time-varying variables and rows of...
view_variablesView known hbgd variables
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