Man pages for happyrabbit/DataScienceR
Data Science Using R

clust_anaCluster analysis
cv_glassoCross-validation for group lasso logistic regression
fitglassoFit roup lasso logistic regression
impute_datImpute missing values
multiplotMultiple plot function
out_madIdentify outliers using MAD
pairwise_ks_testPairwise Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
plot.cv_glassoplot the cross-validation curve produced by "'cv_glasso'"
plot.rocTestPlot ROC curve
plot.tune.cutoffPlot cutoff tuning process from "'tune_cutoff'"
predict_glassoPredict method for grplasso objects
rocTestCompute the area under the ROC curve and compare different...
sep_dataSeparate data frame according to variable type
subclass_eff_estEstimation ATT and ATE after stratification
summarySESummarizes data.
tune_cutoffTune the cutoffs for different likelihood groups
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