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Personal R package

axis-labelAxis breaks: scale_*_log10(breaks=breaks_log10)
biocsource('*/biocLite.R') and biocLite()
commandget commandline arguments
dataframeMove specified columns to left
diversityShannon index
fstatsCalculate Kst by Hudson, Boos, and Kaplan (1992)
graphicsPlot pch variations
gridShortcut for grid::grid.draw()
itertoolsShortcut for tidyr::crossing() with repeats
momentcalculate moment for arbitrary order
paletteWrapper of brewer.pal()
parallelpurrr::map-like function in parallel
pathA shortcut
randomGenerate random integers between [a, b]
readScan a simple CSV and make a matrix
stringSplit a single string into a vector
styletidyverse_style but use equal sign = for assignment
texPrint power of ten
themeIncomplete theme that does not overwrite other elements
timeSnippet for time in R
utilsSimple wrapper of Rprof() and summaryRprof()
writeSave R object with its name
wtlwtl: Personal R package
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