Man pages for heavywatal/rwtl
Personal R package

commandParse command line arguments
dataframeUtilities for data.frame
diversityDiversity index
fontSet aliases for my favorite fonts
fstatsFst estimators
ggaesVariants of 'ggplot2::aes()' to ignore errors in evaluation
ggannotateVariations of 'ggplot2::annotate()'
gglabelHelper functions to make labels in ggplot
ggmiscMisc functions with ggplot2
ggthemeShortcut for ggplot theme
graphicsUtilities for graphics
gridWrappers of grid functions
igraphUtilities for igraph class
itertoolsShortcut for tidyr::crossing() with repeats.
mathShortcut to mathematical functions
momentMoment for arbitrary order
msFunctions to run ms and parse ms-like output
palette'brewer_palette' is a wrapper of 'brewer.pal'
parallelParallel execution in the purrr::map style
phyloUtilities for phylo class of ape package
printConfigure print options.
randomGenerate random integers between a and b
readFunctions to read files
rle_dfGet rle (run-length encoding) as tibble.
stringString utility
styleApply tidyverse_style, but use equal sign = for assignment
texPrint power of ten
timeSnippet for time in R
utilsUtility functions
writeSave R object with its name
wtl-packagewtl: Personal R package
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