Man pages for heavywatal/rwtl
Personal R package

biocShortcut for 'source()' and 'biocLite()'
commandParse command line arguments
dataframeUtilities for data.frame
diversityDiversity index
fontSet aliases for my favorite fonts
fstatsFst estimators
gglabelHelper functions to make labels in ggplot
ggmiscMisc functions with ggplot2
ggthemeShortcut for ggplot theme
graphicsUtilities for graphics
gridWrappers of grid functions
igraphUtilities for igraph class
itertoolsShortcut for tidyr::crossing() with repeats.
mathShortcut to mathematical functions
momentMoment for arbitrary order
msFunctions to run ms and parse ms-like output
palette'brewer_palette' is a wrapper of 'brewer.pal'
parallelParallel execution in the purrr::map style
phyloUtilities for phylo class of ape package
printConfigure print options.
randomGenerate random integers between a and b
readFunctions to read files
rle_dfGet rle (run-length encoding) as tibble.
stringString utility
styleApply tidyverse_style, but use equal sign = for assignment
texPrint power of ten
timeSnippet for time in R
utilsUtility functions
writeSave R object with its name
wtl-packagewtl: Personal R package
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