Man pages for hejtmy/navr
Collection of functions that find typical use in human navigation cognitive paradigms

add_angle_differencesAdds extra diff column to each column that has "rotation" in...
add_area_boundariesValidates and adds area boudaries
add_distancesAdds distance and cumulative distances (distance_total)...
add_speedsAdds speed column
add_time_columnsAdd time_since_start and time_diff columns
add_time_diffsAdds tiems since start column to the navr object
add_times_since_startAdds tiems since start column to the navr object
angle_from_positionsCalculates angle from two 2d positions
angle_to_180Converts angle to -180 to 180 difference
angle_to_radianConverts angle to radian
animate_pathPlot built with plot_path function
calculate_angle_differencesAdds new colum angle_diff_axis where it calculates angle...
calculate_distancesCalculates distances froma x and y vectors
calculate_speedsCalcualtes vector of doubles with speeds
calculate_time_diffsCalculates time differences between timestamps
calculate_times_since_startCalculates times since start
create_direction_lineCreates arrow pointing from a certain position and angle
create_minimal_plotReturns blank plot
create_void_plotCreates empty plot with invisible theme to clearly plot paths...
euclid_distanceEuclidian distance between two points
euclid_distance_between_rowsEucilidan distance covered between each row
filter_timesFilters navr object to only include times in between
geom_navr_backroundGGplot geom to add custom PNG background to the plot
geom_navr_circleCreates geom of a circle to be inserted into the graph
geom_navr_directionAdds arrow pointing from a point in a specified angle
geom_navr_heatmapgeom to add stat_density2d position heatmap
geom_navr_limitsAdds limits to the plot from the area_boundaries list field
geom_navr_pathGeom of plotting navr path
geom_navr_pointsGGplot geom to add specified points to the given plot
geom_navr_timeseriesAdds timeseries to the given plot
geom_position_heatmapgeom to add stat_density2d position heatmap
get_distancesGets distance column from the object
is_navr_dataChecks if the data are valid
load_position_dataLoads and checks position data into navr object
make_circleCreates data frame to be used to draw a circle
multiplotMultiplot requiring Grd package
NavrObjectNavr Object
pick_unreal_speedsFinds indices of impossible speed values
plot_add_backgroundAdds image to the background of the plot
plot_add_directionAdds arrow pointing from a point in a specified angle
plot_add_limitsChecks if object has map limits variable and adds plot limits...
plot_add_pathAdds path to the plot data
plot_add_pointsAdds specified points to the given plot
plot_add_position_heatmapPLots heatmap using stat_density2d
plot_pathPlots path of dataset
plot_path.navrplots the _x and _X coordinates
plot_position_heatmapPlots position heatmap with given granularity
plot_position_heatmap.navrPlots position heatmap with given granularity
plot_speedPLots speed values in time
plot_speed.navrPLots speed values in time
prepare_column_namesTries to rename columns so they correspond to proper naming...
radian_to_angleConverts Pi radian angle to degrees
remove_unreal_speedsInserts NA values to speed and distance
rename_columnHelper to rename column
rolling_sumCalculates rolling sum of a vector across N points
smooth_positions_dfSmooths positions in a data frame
vector_from_angleCreates x y coordinate of point position given angle X
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