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Spherical Geometry, Analysis, and Plotting of Geoscientific Data on Arbitrary Grids

sl.angleCompute Angle between Triangle Edges on Sphere
sl.barycenterCompute Barycenter of Points
sl.boundingcircleFind a (Small) Bounding Circle For a Set of Points on a...
sl.cart.distCartesian Distance
sl.centroidCompute Centroid of a Polygon
sl.checkpositionCheck Position of Point Relative to a Line on a Sphere
sl.circleCompute Points Approximating a Circle on a Sphere
sl.colbarGenerate a Custom Colourbar
sl.contoursCompute Contours
sl.crossvecCross Product
sl.curvilin2unstrConvert Curvilinear to Unstructured
sl.dimDimension of Array or Vector
sl.elem2linepairsExtract Unique Edges from Triangular Mesh
sl.elemfull2elemsubGenerate Elements of an Unstructured-Mesh Node Subset
sl.fillequidistInsert Points into Line on Sphere
sl.findneighboursFind Node Neighbours Based on Triangular Elements
sl.gc.distGreat-Circle Distance
sl.grid.addinfoAdd Grid Variables to CDO Grid File
sl.griddes2neighmatRead CDO Grid Description File and Derive Neighbourhood
sl.grid.FESOM3Ddata1Dto2DCovert 3D FESOM data from 1D to 2D.
sl.grid.readFESOMRead FESOM Grid
sl.grid.readNCDFRead NetCDF Grid
sl.grid.writeCDOWrite Grid for CDO
sl.grid.writeFESOMWrite FESOM Grid
sl.inpolygon.convexCheck if Point Inside Convex Polygon
sl.lat1D.c2iConvert Center Latitudes to Interface Latitudes if/where Line Intersects with Latitude
sl.line.line.intersectCheck if/where Two Lines Intersect
sl.line.polygon.intersectCheck if/where Line Intersects with Polygon
sl.load.naturalearthLoad Natural Earth Data
sl.lon1D.c2iConvert Center Longitudes to Interface Longitudes
sl.lonlat1Dto2DInflate Lat-Lon Vectors to Matrices
sl.lonlat2D.c2iConvert Curvilinear Lon-Lat Grid Center Locations to...
sl.lonlat2xyzConvert Lon-Lat to X-Y-Z
sl.lonlat.angleCompute Angle (GC-Distance) between Points on Sphere
sl.lonlat.identicalCheck if Lon-Lat Vectors Share Elements
sl.lonlatrot2abgConvert Rotation Lon-Lat-Rot to Alpha-Beta-Gamma
sl.match.compFind First Comparison Match
sl.mhdModified Hausdorff Distance (MHD) Calculator
sl.mhd.edgeEdge Calculator for Modified Hausdorff Distance
sl.num2colbarConvert Numerics to Integers (Colourbar Breaks)
sl.num2colbarbreaksAuto-Define Colourbar Breaks
sl.p2pCompute Point Between Points on Sphere
sl.plot.3D.init3D Polar Plot
sl.plot.colbarPlot Colourbar
sl.plot.contoursPlot Contours
sl.plot.domainbound.curvilinPlot Curvilinear Grid Boundaries
sl.plot.elemPlot Grid Elements
sl.plot.endFinish Plot
sl.plot.fieldPlot Unstructured Field on Polygons around Nodes
sl.plot.field.elemPlot Field on Triangular Elements
sl.plot.fld.curvilinPlot Curvilinear Field
sl.plot.initInitialise spheRlab Plot
sl.plot.landseaPlot Land-Sea Mask of a Grid
sl.plot.linesPlot Lines
sl.plot.lonlatgridPlot Longitude-Latitude Grid
sl.plot.lonlatlabelsPlot Longitude-Latitude Labels
sl.plot.naturalearthPlot Natural Earth Data
sl.plot.platon.endFinish Platon Plot
sl.plot.platon.initInitialise Platon Plot
sl.plot.pointsPlot Points
sl.plot.polygonPlot Polygon
sl.plot.textPlot Text
sl.point.betweenCheck if Point Between Points
sl.polygon.areaCompute Polygon Area on Sphere
sl.polygon.polygon.intersectCheck if/where Polygons Intersect
sl.polygon.rotdirCheck Polygon Direction of Rotation Named Arguments in Batch Mode
sl.rotCoordinate Rotation on Sphere
sl.segmentSegment Logical Vector
sl.smalltriag.areaCompute Small Triangle Area on Sphere
sl.spatialfilterApply Spatial Filter
sl.spatialfilter.getweightsCompute Spatial Filter Weights
sl.trackingshotCreate Trackingshot Movie
sl.trackingshot.wayCreate tracking shot path
sl.trackingshot.waypointCreate waypoint
sl.trackingshot.waypointsConcatenate waypoints
sl.triag.areaCompute Triangle Area on Sphere
sl.view.colbarView Colourbar
sl.vis.shift.rotCheck Visibility, Shift, and Rotate Points
sl.xyz2lonlatConvert X-Y-Z to Lon-Lat Angle Between 3D Vectors
spheRlab-packageSpherical Geometry, Analysis, and Plotting of Geoscientific...
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