Man pages for helixcn/herblabel
Making Labels for Herbarium Specimens in RTF and More

annotation_labelMaking RTF Annotation labels based on annotation template
colcn2019Accepted Names of Catalogue of Life, China, 2019
fill_dwcFilling taxonomic information based on Local Name for Darwin...
genera_cnGenera of higher plants with Chinese Names
herbarium_labelCreating RTF herbarium labels based on Darwin Core herbarium...
herblabel-packageMaking Labels for Herbarium Specimens in RTF and more.
latin_sourceLatin words
parse_taxaParsing scientific names for a species
pgenusThe Genus-Family Relationship for higher plants based on...
repeat_rowsRepeat rows of a dataframe for n times
spfocThe Chinese Names from Flora of China
spfrpsThe Chinese Names and full scientific names for the vascular...
tplsplistThe Accepted Plant Names from the Plantlist
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