Man pages for helixcn/spaa
SPecies Association Analysis

add.colAdd one column from A to B, according to one column of common...
data2matConvert species list data to species matrix
datasamplecommunity matrix example
deg2decDegree to decimal
dist2listConvert distance matrix to pairwised list
freq.calcSpecies relative frequency
geodistHight precision Great circle distance between two places
lab.matConvert vector of XY labels to label matrix
lgeodistLow precision Great circle distance between two places
list2distConvert pairwise list to distance matrix
niche.overlapNiche overlap between each pair of species
niche.overlap.bootBoostrap of niche overlap
niche.overlap.boot.pairNiche overlap boostrap utility function
niche.overlap.pairNiche overlap between one pair of species.
niche.widthNiche width
plotlowertriPlotting lower semi matrix
plotnetworkCorrelation network plot
spaa-packageSPecies Association Analysis
sp.assocTotal species association
splistspecies list used in function add.col()
sp.pairSpecies association between each pair of species
sub.sp.matrixSubset species matrix according to relative frequency
testdataExample Data
turnoverCalculating species turnover
XYnameGenerating vector of XY labels
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