Man pages for helloicyvodka/ggVITA
An R package for VIsualization and annotation of Tree Alignment.

Bin2DecTransform binary sequence to decimal sequence
Bin_get_parentGet the binary sequence of parent
Dec2BinTransform a decimal number to a binary sequence of character
DELTACalculate DELTA score
DrawScoreMatrixDraw score matrix
DrawScoreMatrix2Draw score matrix
Find.addNodeFind the missing nodes, including leaves and internal nodes.
Find.missed.sisterFind missed sister in all lineaged tree.
Find.rootFind the root from allLin
Find.root.from.tipsFind root from tips
Find.tipsFind tips from all lineage of complete tree.
Find.tree.from.tipsRebuild the complete tree from tips (leaves) lineage.
Find.unpaired.tipFind unpaired tips of an incompleted tree all lineage.
ggvitaShow the basic structure of alignment results
ggvita_addAdd layer to ggvita
ggvita.classicShow alignment results in classical way: including expression...
LN_to_BinTransform Lineage Name to Lineage
Make.tree.completeMake an incompleted tree completed
print.ggvitaPrint ggvita objects
readalRead in the result of DELTA for analysis
readal.epicRead in a gene expression level file on the tree downloaded...
ReLinRenew the incomplete tree leave lineages
sort_Bin_by_DecSort the vector of binary sequences increasingly according to...
theme_alA theme to add legend on both sides
write.almWrite alm data.frame to file.
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