Man pages for hmito/hmRLib
Helper library for numerical analysis with R

callstack_infoCreate callstack data at the point this function is called
callstack_messageCreate callstack message from callstack data
callstack_traceCreate callstack data at last error
cold.colorsCreate cold color set.
cud.colorsetCUD v3 color palet as the color universal design
executeExecute given exe file with arguments.
get_cross_pointGet cross point between two segments
green.colorsCreate green color set.
has_cross_pointCheck if the segment seg1 is cross with seg2
hist_axis_translateTranslate axis of histgram sequence into another axis
hist_find_peaks.minvalueFind peaks in given histgram by truncing at a threshold...
hist_find_peaks.slopeFind peaks in given histgram by checking the valley of the...
hist_smoothingSmoothing histgram sequence by using simple moving average...
image_polygonAdd polygon on image
is_on_linuxCheck if the program run on the Linux-base or windows from...
matrix_from_funcCreate matrix from function
matrix_from_func.nonseqargCreate matrix from function without vector argument support.
matrix_naCreate matrix with NA
newton_planerootFind root points on x-y plane by using newton method
newton_rootFind root of a function using combination of small_step...
os_pathReturn the raw file path based on the os path system.
plot.nullDraw plot without any data
rb.colorsCreate red-blue color set.
remove.naRemove na elements from sequences.
run_as_rscriptRun as Rscript with dragged files
runge_kutta_dopri5_adaptive_stepControlled stepper with Runge-Kutta Dormand-Prince5 method
runge_kutta_dopri5_stepStepper with Runge-Kutta Dormand-Prince5 method
runge_kutta_fehlberg45_adaptive_stepControlled stepper with Runge-Kutta Fehlberg4(5) method
runge_kutta_fehlberg45_stepStepper with Runge-Kutta Fehlberg4(5) method
runge_kutta_heuneuler_adaptive_stepControlled stepper with Runge-Kutta Fehlberg4(5) method
runge_kutta_heuneuler_stepStepper with Runge-Kutta Heun-Euler method
search_cross_pointFind equal points from point groups.
search_equal_pointFind equal points from point groups.
seq_naCreate sequence with NA
show_callstack_traceShow callstack info at last error
small_step_planerootFind root points on x-y plane by using small step method
small_step_planeroot_from_matrixFind root points on x-y plane from logical matrix and x,y...
small_step_rootFind root of a function using small_step method
throwThrow exception
to_triangleChange axis for triangle diagram.
triangle_linesPlot lines on triangle diagram.
triangle_plotPlot for triangle diagram.
triangle_pointsPlot points on triangle diagram.
triangle_textPlot text on triangle diagram.
triangle_vectormapPlot triangle vector map.
try_catchTry excute function which might throw exception.
try_eitherTry excute function which might throw exception and return...
vector_fieldPlot vector field for 2D. Length is the strength of the...
vector_field.colorPlot vector field for 2D. Color is the strength of the...
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