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Rendering Risk Literacy more Transparent

accAccuracy (acc) is the probability of a correct decision.
accuA list containing current accuracy information.
as_pbDisplay a percentage as a (numeric and rounded) probability.
as_pcDisplay a probability as a (numeric and rounded) percentage.
comp_accCompute overall accuracy (acc) from probabilities.
comp_accu_freqCompute accuracy metrics of current classification results.
comp_accu_probCompute exact accuracy metrics based on probabilities.
comp_complementCompute a probability's complement probability.
comp_complete_prob_setCompute a complete set of probabilities from valid...
comp_comp_pairCompute a probability's (missing) complement and return both.
comp_errCompute overall error rate (err) from probabilities.
comp_fartCompute a decision's false alarm rate from its specificity.
comp_FDRCompute a decision's false detection rate (FDR) from...
comp_FORCompute a decision's false omission rate (FOR) from...
comp_freqCompute frequencies from (3 essential) probabilities.
comp_freq_freqCompute frequencies from (4 essential) frequencies.
comp_freq_probCompute frequencies from (3 essential) probabilities.
comp_min_NCompute a suitable minimum population size value N.
comp_mirtCompute a decision's miss rate from its sensitivity.
comp_NPVCompute a decision's negative predictive value (NPV) from...
comp_popuCompute a population table from frequencies.
comp_ppodCompute the proportion of positive decisions (ppod) from...
comp_PPVCompute a decision's positive predictive value (PPV) from...
comp_prevCompute the condition's prevalence (baseline probability)...
comp_probCompute probabilities from (3 essential) probabilities.
comp_prob_freqCompute probabilities from (4 essential) frequencies.
comp_prob_probCompute probabilities from (3 essential) probabilities.
comp_sensCompute a decision's sensitivity from its miss rate.
comp_specCompute a decision's specificity from its false alarm rate.
cond_falseNumber of individuals for which the condition is false.
cond_trueNumber of individuals for which the condition is true.
crFrequency of correct rejections or true negatives (TN).
dec_corNumber of individuals for which the decision is correct.
dec_errNumber of individuals for which the decision is erroneous.
dec_negNumber of individuals for which the decision is negative.
dec_posNumber of individuals for which the decision is positive.
df_scenariosA collection of riskyr scenarios from various sources (as...
errError rate (err) as the probability of an incorrect decision.
faFrequency of false alarms or false positives (FP).
fartThe false alarm rate (or false positive rate) of a decision...
FDRThe false detection rate of a decision process or diagnostic...
FORThe false omission rate (FOR) of a decision process or...
freqList current frequency information.
hiFrequency of hits or true positives (TP).
init_numInitialize basic numeric variables.
init_palInitialize basic color information.
init_txtInitialize basic text elements.
is_complementVerify that two numbers are complements.
is_extreme_prob_setVerify that a set of probabilities describes an extreme case.
is_freqVerify that input is a frequency (positive integer value).
is_percVerify that input is a percentage (numeric value from 0 to...
is_probVerify that input is a probability (numeric value from 0 to...
is_suff_prob_setVerify a sufficient set of probability inputs.
is_valid_prob_pairVerify that a pair of probability inputs can be a pair of...
is_valid_prob_setVerify that a set of probability inputs is valid.
is_valid_prob_tripleVerify that a triple of essential probability inputs is...
miFrequency of misses or false negatives (FN).
mirtThe miss rate of a decision process or diagnostic procedure.
NNumber of individuals in the population.
NPVThe negative predictive value of a decision process or...
numList current values of basic numeric variables.
palList current values of scenario color palette.
pal_bwAlternative color palette for black-and-white (greyscale)...
pal_bwpAlternative color palette for black-and-white graphs (for...
pal_knAlternative color palette for kn.
pal_mbwModern and reduced color palette (in green/blue/bw).
pal_modModern color palette (in green/blue/orange).
pal_orgOriginal color palette.
pal_rgbAlternative color palette for graphs (with RGB colors).
pal_uniknAlternative color palette for unikn.
pal_virAlternative color palette using viridis colors.
plot_areaPlot an area diagram of probabilities or frequencies.
plot_barPlot bar charts of population frequencies.
plot.boxPlot a frequency box object.
plot_curvePlot curves of selected values (e.g., PPV or NPV) as a...
plot_fnetPlot a network diagram of frequencies and probabilities.
plot_iconsPlot an icon array of a population.
plot_mosaicPlot a mosaic plot of population frequencies.
plot_planePlot a plane of selected values (e.g., PPV or NPV) as a...
plot_prismPlot prism diagram of frequencies and probabilities.
plot.riskyrPlot a riskyr scenario.
plot_tabPlot a 2 x 2 contingency table of population frequencies.
plot_treePlot a tree diagram of frequencies and probabilities.
popuA population table based on current frequencies.
ppodThe proportion (or baseline) of a positive decision.
PPVThe positive predictive value of a decision process or...
prevThe prevalence (baseline probability) of a condition.
print.summary.riskyrPrint summary information of a riskyr scenario.
probList current probability information.
read_popuRead a population (given as data frame) into a riskyr...
riskyrCreate a riskyr scenario.
riskyr.guideOpens the riskyr package guides
scenariosA collection of riskyr scenarios from various sources (as...
sensThe sensitivity (or hit rate) of a decision process or...
specThe specificity of a decision process or diagnostic...
summary.riskyrSummarize a riskyr scenario.
txtBasic text elements.
txt_orgList of original values of text elements.
txt_TFAlternative text labels (TP, FN, FP, TN).
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