API for hoesler/dbj
Provides access to databases through the JDBC interface

Global functions
JDBC Man page Source code
JDBCConnection Man page
JDBCConnection-class Man page
JDBCDriver Man page
JDBCDriver-class Man page
JDBCObject-class Man page
JDBCQueryResult Man page
JDBCQueryResult-class Man page
JDBCResult-class Man page
JDBCUpdateResult Man page
JDBCUpdateResult-class Man page
SQLKeywords,JDBCObject-method Man page
add_batch Source code
add_savepoint Source code
as.jdbc_sql_type Source code
as.jdbc_sql_type.character Source code
as.jdbc_sql_type.numeric Source code
as_classpath Man page Source code
batch_insert Source code
checkException Man page Source code
checkValid Source code
close_result_set Source code
close_statement Source code
conversion_rules Man page
convert_from_transfer Man page Source code
convert_to_transfer Man page Source code
create_j_colum Man page Source code
create_j_table Man page Source code
create_jdbc_connection Man page Source code
create_jdbc_driver Man page Source code
create_new_dbj_connection Source code
create_new_dbj_query_result Source code
create_new_dbj_update_result Source code
create_prepared_statement Source code
create_resultpull Man page Source code
create_table_template Man page Source code
dbBegin,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbBind,JDBCResult-method Man page
dbCallProc,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbClearResult,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbClearResult,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbColumnInfo,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbColumnInfo,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbCommit,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbConnect,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbConnect,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbDataType,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbDataType,JDBCObject-method Man page
dbDisconnect,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbExistsTable,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbExistsTable,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbFetch,JDBCQueryResult,numeric-method Man page
dbFetch,JDBCUpdateResult,missing-method Man page
dbFetch,JDBCUpdateResult,numeric-method Man page
dbGetDriver Man page
dbGetDriver,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbGetDriver,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbGetDriver,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbGetDriver,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbGetException,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbGetFields Man page
dbGetFields,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbGetInfo,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbGetInfo,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbGetInfo,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbGetInfo,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbGetRowCount,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbGetRowCount,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbGetRowsAffected,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbGetRowsAffected,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbGetStatement,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbGetStatement,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbGetTables Man page
dbGetTables,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbHasCompleted,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbHasCompleted,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbIsValid,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbIsValid,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbIsValid,JDBCQueryResult-method Man page
dbIsValid,JDBCUpdateResult-method Man page
dbListConnections,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbListFields,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbListFields,JDBCQueryResult,missing-method Man page
dbListResults,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbListTables,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbQuoteString,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbReadTable,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbRemoveTable,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbRemoveTable,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbRollback,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbSQLDialect Man page
dbSQLDialect,JDBCConnection-method Man page
dbSendQuery,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbSendUpdate Man page
dbSendUpdate,JDBCConnection,character,data.frame-method Man page
dbSendUpdate,JDBCConnection,character,list-method Man page
dbSendUpdate,JDBCConnection,character,missing-method Man page
dbTruncateTable Man page
dbTruncateTable,JDBCConnection,character-method Man page
dbUnloadDriver,JDBCDriver-method Man page
dbWriteTable,JDBCConnection,character,data.frame-method Man page
dbWriteTable,JDBCConnection,character-data.frame-method Man page
dbj Man page
dbj-edit-tables Man page
dbj-package Man page
dbj-sql-generate Man page
dbj-sql-quote Man page
dbj-table Man page
default-conversion-rules Man page
default_read_conversions Man page
default_write_conversions Man page
derby_dialect Man page
dialect_for_url Source code
driver Man page Source code
driver_info Source code
execute_batch Man page Source code
execute_query Source code
execute_update Source code
fetch,JDBCResult-method Man page
fetch_all Source code
fetch_module Man page Source code
fetch_module.maven_local_repository Man page Source code
fetch_module.maven_remote_repository Man page Source code
find_conversion_rule Source code
generic_append_table Man page Source code
generic_clear_table Man page Source code
generic_create_statement_generator Man page Source code
generic_create_table Man page
generic_quote_identifier Man page
generic_quote_string Man page
generic_remove_table Source code
generic_sql Man page
get_meta_data Man page Source code
guess_dialect Man page Source code
h2_dialect Man page
insert_parameters Man page Source code
is.Date Source code
is.POSIXct Source code
is.difftime Source code
is.raw_list Source code
is.sql_dialect Source code
jcall Man page Source code
jdbc-transaction Man page
jdbc_close_connection Source code
jdbc_connection_autocommit Source code
jdbc_connection_commit Source code
jdbc_connection_info Source code
jdbc_connection_is_closed Source code
jdbc_connection_is_valid Source code
jdbc_connection_rollback Source code
jdbc_connection_set_savepoint Source code
jdbc_dbmeta_get_columns Source code
jdbc_dbmeta_get_tables Source code
jdbc_driver_major_version Source code
jdbc_driver_minor_version Source code
jdbc_get_database_meta Source code
jdbc_get_result_set Source code
jdbc_get_update_count Source code
jdbc_parse_url Source code
jdbc_register_driver Man page Source code
jdbc_result_set_get_statement Source code
jdbc_result_set_is_closed Source code
jdbc_rsmeta_column_count Source code
jdbc_rsmeta_column_label Source code
jdbc_rsmeta_column_name Source code
jdbc_rsmeta_column_nullable Source code
jdbc_rsmeta_column_type Source code
jdbc_rsmeta_column_typename Source code
jnew Man page Source code
jstop Man page Source code
jtry Man page Source code
maven_central Man page
maven_install Source code
maven_local Man page
maven_local_repository Man page Source code
maven_remote_repository Man page Source code
maven_repository Man page
maven_url Source code
module Man page Source code
module.character Man page Source code
module.list Man page Source code
mysql_dialect Man page
onLoad Source code
partition Man page Source code
partition.data.frame Man page Source code
partition.default Man page Source code
prepare_call Source code
prepare_statement Source code
quote_identifier_template Source code
read_conversion_rule Man page Source code
remove_savepoint Source code
repository Man page
requireOption Source code
resolve Man page Source code
resolve.character Man page Source code
resolve.list Man page Source code
resolve.module Man page Source code
resultpull_fetch Source code
show,JDBCConnection-method Man page
show,JDBCDriver-method Man page
sqlAppendTable,JDBCConnection-method Man page
sqlCreateTable,JDBCConnection-method Man page
sql_dialect Man page Source code
verifyNotNull Man page Source code
write_conversion_rule Man page Source code
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