Man pages for hoesler/dbj
Provides access to databases through the JDBC interface

as_classpathCovert a character vector into a classpath
checkExceptionCheck for any pending java exception.
conversion_rulesCreate a conversion rule
convert_from_transferConvert from transfer type to client type
convert_to_transferConvert from client type to transfer type
create_j_columCreate a Java Column class for given column_data
create_jdbc_connectionEstablish a JDBC Connection
create_jdbc_driverCreate a Java JDBC Driver object
create_j_tableTransform a data frame into a Java reference to a...
create_resultpullCreate a new JDBCjava_resultpull.Reference object
dbCallProc-JDBCConnection-methodMarked as deprecated in DBI
dbConnect-JDBCConnection-methodCreate a JDBC connection.
dbConnect-JDBCDriver-methodConnect to a database
dbDisconnect-JDBCConnection-methodDisconnect (close) a connection
dbGetDriverGenerics for getting the driver object.
dbGetFieldsGenerics for getting a description of table columns available...
dbGetTablesGenerics for getting a description of the tables available in...
dbjA DBI implementation using JDBC over rJava.
dbj-edit-tablesModify data in a database table
dbj-sql-generateGenerate SQL statements
dbj-sql-quoteSQL quoting.
dbj-tabledbj table handling
dbListFields-JDBCQueryResult-missing-methodList fields in specified table.
dbSendQuery-JDBCConnection-character-methodExecute a prepared SQL statement on a database connection
dbSendUpdateSend an update query.
dbSQLDialectGet the current SQL dialect of the connection
dbTruncateTableTruncate a table
default-conversion-rulesDefault type conversion rules
driverFactory function for 'JDBCDriver' objects
execute_batchExecute a batch statement
fetch_moduleFetch a module from a repository
get_meta_dataCreate a new ResultSetMetaData reference object
insert_parametersSet the values of prepared statement.
jcallSame as .jcall but with check = FALSE as default
JDBCConnection-classJDBCConnection class
JDBCDriver-classJDBCDriver class
JDBCDriver-class-legacyLegacy JDBCDriver constructor.
JDBCObject-classJDBCObject class
JDBCQueryResult-classJDBCQueryResult class
jdbc_register_driverRegister a JDBC Driver
JDBCResult-classJDBCResult class
JDBC_SQL_TYPESA named list of SQL types as defined in the java class...
jdbc-transactionJDBC transaction management
JDBCUpdateResult-classJDBCUpdateResult class
jnewSame as .jnew but with check = FALSE as default
jstopThrow an error with the given 'j_exception' as the cause.
jtryWrap an R expression which calls rJava functions.
maven_repositoryResolve Java dependencies with maven
moduleDefine Java dependencies as a module
partitionPartition data into chunks
resolveResolve objects to file paths
sql_dialectDefine an SQL dialect
verifyNotNullVerify that the given 'j_object' is an object of type...
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