payphones: Territoriality in Pay-Phones

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Will people using a public pay-phone talk longer if someone is waiting to use their phone? In this experiment, conducted in 1989, "the investigators measured the length of time (in seconds) that subjects spent on the telephone under one of three conditions: when alone (A), when one person was using an adjacent telphone (B), or when one person was using an adjacent telephone and another person was waiting to use one of the two telephones. The study was conducted in an alcove of a shopping mall, an area that contained only the two adjacent telphones." (Quotation from Business Statistics, 6th. ed. 1992, by W. Daniel and J. Terrell.)


A data frame with 56 observations on the following 3 variables.


Sex of the subject.


Which condition the subject was put into (A, B or C as described above) by the researchers.


Time in seconds that the subject spent on the phone.


R.B. Ruback, K.D. Poe, and P.Doriat, "Waiting on a Phone: Intrusion on Callers Leads to Territorial Defense" Social Psychology Quarterly, 52:232-241. Gender data provided by R.B. Ruback (personal communication).

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