Man pages for hongyuanjia/epwshiftr
Create Future 'EnergyPlus' Weather Files using 'CMIP6' Data

epwshiftr-packageepwshiftr: Create future EnergyPlus Weather files using CMIP6...
esgf_queryQuery CMIP6 data using ESGF search RESTful API
extract_dataExtract data
future_epwCreate future EPW files using morphed data
get_data_dirGet the path of directory where epwshiftr data is stored
get_data_nodeGet data nodes which store CMIP6 output
init_cmip6_indexBuild CMIP6 experiment output file index
load_cmip6_indexLoad previously stored CMIP6 experiment output file index
match_coordMatch coordinates of input EPW in the CMIP6 output file...
morphing_epwMorphing EPW weather variables
set_cmip6_indexSet CMIP6 index
summary_databaseSummary CMIP6 model output file status
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