Man pages for hplieninger/mpt2irt
Bringing Multinomial Processing Tree Models To Item Response Theory To Investigate Response Styles

boeck_predictModel-predicted response distribution.
cat_to_multConvert to multinomial data.
fit_irtreeFit an mpt2irt model.
gen_betasGenerate item parameters.
generate_irtree_2012Generate data for Boeckenholt Model.
generate_irtree_extGenerate data for Acquiescence Model.
generate_irtree_stepsGenerate data for Steps Model.
get_dirGet a Directory for Saving Files.
jacobian_irtreeCheck identifiability of models.
load_rdaLoad RData file.
mcmc.list2stanConvert MCMC list to array.
mpt2irt-packagempt2irt: Bringing Multinomial Processing Tree Models To Item...
mult_to_catConvert to categorical data.
plot_expectedPlot predicted and observed frequencies.
plot_GewekePlot Geweke statistic.
plot_GRSPlot Gelman-Rubin statistic.
plot_irtreePlot item parameters of an mpt2irt model.
plot_responsesPlot observed frequencies.
plot_singlefitPlot true and estimated parameters.
pp_irtreeDraw posterior predictive values.
recovery_irtreeRecovery simulation of mpt2irt models.
stan2mcmc.listStan to coda object
summarize_irtree_fitCalculate summary for a fitted model.
tidyup_irtree_fitSummarize and tidy up a fitted model.
tidyup_irtree_fit_OLDSummarize and tidy up a fitted model.
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