print.ppc: Print posterior predictive p-values

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This function calculates and prints PPP-values for objects of class ppc. More precisely, it prints—across all items—the average of the PPP-values as well as the percentage of extreme PPP-values. For example, for a data set comprised of 20 items, 190 odds ratios can be calculated, namely, one for each pair of items. The present print method calculates the avarage PPP-value (should probably be close to 0.5) as well as the percentage of those 190 PPP-values that are extreme (should hopefully be close to 0).


## S3 method for class 'ppc'
print(x, na.rm = FALSE, ...)



List as returned from ppc_irtree


Logical argument passed to mean median. If na.rm = FALSE, the present print method will return NA if at least one PPP-value could not be calculated for a discrepency measure. Thus this is extremely helpful for identifying problems; set it to TRUE only if you know what you are doing.


Further arguments passed to print.table.


Table of PPP-values

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