find_dsstore: Find and optionally remove '.DS_Store' files on a...

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Provide a starting point, recursion option (similar to list.files()) & whether or not to remove any .DS_Store files found and get back a data frame of full paths to any .DS_Store files that exist or were removed. The removal success status (if remove is TRUE will be added as a column to the data frame).

If no .DS_Store files were found, an empty data frame is returned.


find_dsstore(path = ".", recursive = FALSE, remove = FALSE)



a character vector of full path names; the default corresponds to the working directory, getwd(). Tilde expansion (see path.expand()) is performed. Missing values will be ignored.


logical. Should the listing recurse into directories? Default is FALSE.


if TRUE the function will attempt to unlink() any .DS_Store files found. Permissions issue may cause this option to fail to delete found .DS_Store files. Default: FALSE

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