Man pages for hrbrmstr/shodan
Tools to Query and Instrument the 'Shodan' Security Search Engine 'API'

account_profileAccount Profile
api_infoAPI Plan Information
honeyscoreHoneypot or not?
host_countSearch Shodan without Results
host_infoHost Information
http_headersShows the HTTP headers that your client sends when connecting...
my_ipMy IP Address
query_tagsList the most popular tags
resolveDNS Lookup
reverseReverse DNS Lookup
shodanAccess the Shodan API from R
shodan_api_keyGet or set SHODAN_API_KEY value
shodan_exploit_searchSearch for Exploits
shodan_exploit_search_countSearch for Exploits without Results
shodan_portsList all ports that Shodan is crawling on the Internet.
shodan_protocolsList all protocols that can be used when performing on-demand...
shodan_query_listList the saved search queries
shodan_query_searchSearch the directory of saved search queries.
shodan_scanRequest Shodan to crawl an IP/ netblock
shodan_scan_internetCrawl the Internet for a specific port and protocol using...
shodan_searchSearch Shodan
shodan_search_tokensBreak the search query into tokens
shodan_servicesList all services that Shodan crawls
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