Man pages for hrpcisd/distcomp
Computations over Distributed Data without Aggregation

availableComputationsReturn the currently available (implemented) computations
availableDataSourcesReturn currently implemented data sources
CoxMasterCreate a master object to control worker objects generated by...
CoxWorkerCreate a worker object for use as a worker with master...
createInstanceObjectGiven the definition identifier of an object, instantiate and...
dccoxphFunctions copied and modified from survival package
defineNewComputationDefine a new computation
destroyInstanceObjectDestroy an instance object given its identifier
distcompDistributed Computing with R
distcomp-internalMake an appropriate opencpu URL for a specified function and...
distcompSetupSetup a workspace and configuration for a distributed...
executeMethodGiven the id of a serialized object, invoke a method on the...
generateIdGenerate an identifier for an object
getComputationInfoGet the value of a variable from the global store
getConfigReturn the workspace and configuration setup values
makeDefinitionMake a computation definition given the computation type
makeMasterMake a master object given a definition
makeWorkerMake a worker object given a definition and data
resetComputationInfoClear the contents of the global store
runDistcompAppRun a specified distcomp web application
saveNewComputationSave a computation instance, given the computation...
setComputationInfoSet a name to a value in a global variable
setupMasterSetup a computation master
setupWorkerSetup a worker site
SVDMasterCreate a master object to control worker objects generated by...
SVDWorkerCreate a worker object for use as a worker with master...
uploadNewComputationUpload a new computation and data to an opencpu server
writeCodeWrite the code necessary to run a master process
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