Man pages for hughjonesd/pastapi
Explore the Historical API of R Packages

apicheck-packageapicheck: check function APIs in different versions of...
api_same_atTest if a function's API is unchanged
available_versionsReport available versions
cached_installInstall and/or load a version of a package
call_with_namespaceLoad a package namespace and pass it to a function
compare_versionsCompare versions of a package
fun_atRetrieve a function from a package version
fun_exists_atTest if a function exists at a given package version
help_atGet help for a function at a package version
package_reportReport on backwards compatibility of a source package
set_lib_dirLocation of the package cache
version_at_dateReturn the current version of a package at a given date
when_api_sameCompare APIs across package versions
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