apicheck-package: apicheck: check function APIs in different versions of...

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This is a small package to check when functions were introduced and/or APIs changed in packages. It automatically installs different versions of a package in a separate directory and loads them without attaching them.


Packages are cached within a session. To cache packages across sessions, use set_lib_dir() to point to a persistent directory.

By default, apicheck`` uses theremotespackage to install source versions from CRAN. Alternatively, it can use theversions“ package to install different versions of a package from https://mran.microsoft.com/. To do this set options(apicheck.use_mran = TRUE).

Be aware that functions can take a long time to return, as different versions of a package are installed and/or loaded.

Also, be aware that namespace loading and unloading can be unreliable. If this happens to you, try restarting your session.


Do not try to use apicheck on itself. This will lead to fiery elephants in the sky.

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