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Data sets for the Data to Insight MOOC

Global functions
census.at.school.500 Man page
gapminder Man page
gapminder_2008 Man page
nhanes2009_2012 Man page
nhanes_1000 Man page
nhanes_1000_50 Man page
nhanes_2000 Man page
olympics100m Man page
week7_CanadaPop Man page
week7_CocaineTrtmtExpt Man page
week7_CocaineTrtmtExpt_2Trt Man page
week7_CocaineTrtmtExpt_2Trt_D_P Man page
week7_CocaineTrtmtExpt_Lith_Desip Man page
week7_LightatNight Man page
week7_MindsetMatters Man page
week7_SleepDeprivationExpt Man page
week8_Actual_VisitorArrivalsMonthlyFrom1998 Man page
week8_Actual_VisitorArrivalsQuarterlyFrom1998 Man page
week8_AverageVisitorsMonthly Man page
week8_AverageVisitorsQuarterly Man page
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